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Daily Disposable Contact Lenses for Children

Cute Boy Red Cap 1280×853During the course of the year, especially when back to school season approaches, a child may have reached an appropriate age to start contact lenses. Occasionally, a parent will hesitate in starting their child with contact lenses, especially when they worry about contact lens overuse. When contact lenses aren’t worn according to their schedule or improperly cleaned, this could lead to problems, such as dry eye, irritation, discomfort, redness, or possibly an eye infection or corneal scarring.

Understandably, a child might not want to clean their contact lenses with the right amount of solution or may misunderstand how to store them away properly. Fortunately, modern contact lenses are now offered as a daily disposable contact lens. A child simply can open a new, fresh pair each day and avoid the maintenance entirely. Daily disposable contact lenses eliminate the concerns of contact lens maintenance and drastically reduce the chances of an eye infection. Eye infections are often a result of bacteria buildup on a contact lens when improperly stored or cleaned. Daily disposable contact lenses, however, are discarded on a single-use, so the chances of bacteria buildup are negligible.

While daily disposable contact lenses can still be worn longer than recommended (often beyond 10 hours is too long), yet this can be easily explained and guided by a parent. Adjusting a child to switch between their contact lenses on the go, and eyeglasses for at home use is an effective system for good contact lens care.

For more information about your child starting daily disposable contact lenses, schedule a contact lens evaluation with Dr. Wlodek, today.