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At Optical Effects Vision Center, we use a variety of test to examine your eyes. Some are very simple, like reading an eye chart; others are very complex, using state-of-the-art equipment to detect serious eye conditions, such as cataracts, which is the clouding of the lens, and macular degeneration, a leading cause of vision loss in older people.

The first step in the exam process is obtaining a thorough patient history to determine your overall health and to alert Dr. Wlodek of any general health problems. After this review, we begin the testing process.

We measure the sharpness of your vision using a visual acuity panel to measure your distance visual acuity, and a small hand-held chart for near vision.

Color blindness can be hereditary, but it can also be caused by other health problems. We’ll determine if your color vision is perfect or impaired.

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Dr. Robert Wlodek

Dr. Wlodek has been practicing for over 25 years as an eye doctor. Dr. Wlodek was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. After graduating from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry in 1993, he practiced in Calgary, Alberta for eight years. Since relocating to Las Vegas in 2001, Dr. Wlodek remains up to date on current therapies and procedures in eye care through continuing education. Dr. Wlodek is passionate about dog rescue organizations. As often as possible he visits Manzanillo, Mexico and volunteers with Friends of Mexican Animal Welfare, an organization that offers free spay and neuter services to pets and stray animals. He...

Optical Effects Vision Center in Las Vegas

We want to see how well your eyes work together so we use a simple cover test, asking you to focus on a small object across the room, and alternately cover each eye. Cover test is repeated with an object up close. This will help determine an eye turn or a lazy eye, also known as amblyopia.

With a slit-lamp exam, Dr. Wlodek can determine signs of infection or disease by magnifying your eye structures. He will view both the anterior and posterior segments of your eye, checking front to back for any eye disease, abnormality, or atypical findings. Sometimes it is necessary to dilate the pupils to better view internal structures.

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Dr. Wlodek uses an autorefractor which gives him an accurate starting point in determining your prescription. We assess your prescription for distance viewing and, if needed, near and computer distance. Occasionally more than one prescription is necessary, depending on your visual demands and working distance. If computer glasses are needed, it is helpful to know how far the screen is from your eyes.

We test for glaucoma, a disorder that may have few initial symptoms, but can harm the optic nerve which carries information to the brain, and lead to peripheral vision loss. The “air-puff” test we use is a small burst of air aimed at your open eye to calculate the pressure. It is completely painless. However, there are a variety of other methods to determine your eye pressure if you would rather not have the “puff” test.


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