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FAQ – Ask Dr. Wlodek Your Dry Eyes Questions

Dr. Wlodek Answers Your Eyecare Questions About Dry Eyes

Q: What is the examination like to determine whether someone is suffering from Dry Eyes?

Dry eye assessment always starts with a complete history and questionannaire. Complete slit lamp exam of the lids/ lashes, cornea and tear film is essential. Certain dyes are instilled in the eyes to determine corneal health and tear film stability. A Schirmer test can be helpful to assess tear production. Meibomian gland expression is becoming more and more important in evaporative dry eye disease.

Q: I have a friend in whose eyes are frequently overly watery. That isn’t Dry Eye, is it?

Yes, excessive tearing, or epiphora is a symptom of dry eyes. It might sound funny when I say the eyes are dry when they are tearing so much. It is the eye’s way to try and correct the problem.

Q: What are the typical treatments used to help people suffering from Dry Eyes?

Dry eye treatments usually start with artificial tears up to 4 times a day. Omega 3 supplements in the form of fish oil and flax seed oil can be helpful. Warm compresses, puntal plugs and even prescription drops may be necessary to treat more severe forms of the disease.