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HOYA Lenses

HOYA Lenses designed specifically for the way you use your eyes.

HOYA ID Space Lenses

HOYA ID Screen Lenses

HOYA ID Zoom Lenses

Building the Bridge between Technology and Experience – HOYA’s iDFree-Form Technology brings the Latest Personalization to Lens Design

HOYA’s Unique Technology Innovations (iD Free-Form Technology)

• Integrated Design (iD) applies power distribution to both sides of the lens
• Vertical progressive component on front for easy viewing near to far
• Horizontal progressive component on back giving widest near field of view
• Advanced surfacing on both the front and back of the lens for ultimate precision

Binocular Harmonization Technology (BHT)

• HOYA’s patented revolutionary technology for best binocular vision
• Imbalance can occur when right and left eye prescriptions differ
• BHT considers how the eyes work together and calculates the power distribution of each lens to maximize binocularity
• Eyes work perfectly together with effortless focusing, constant stability and excellent depth of vision

Personalization with Multiple Corridor Options

• 7 corridor options in 1mm steps: 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 23mm, 24mm
• Easy Fit option with HOYA’s iD Software choosing corridor based on design and seg height

Personalization with Position of Wear Measurements (POW)

• Vertex Distance, Pantoscopic Tilt and Wrap Angle can be specified for a custom fit
• Default POW Vertex Distance 12.3mm, Pantoscopic Angle 8.3º, Wrap 4.4º

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