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Halloween Costumes & Special Effects Contact Lenses in Las Vegas

halloween yellow lensAmong the various patients who enter Optical Effects Vision Center for eye care, some of the unfortunate eye emergents relate to the abuse of contact lens wear. For some reason, after every Halloween, Dr. Wlodek discovers that someone wore a cheap knock-off pair of contacts for a cool design that ended causing an eye infection, corneal scarring, or worse.

Remember, contact lenses are medical devices. We recommend you purchase them from a reliable source like your local optometrist.

In order to spread awareness to others, we will be giving away 1 FREE decorative pair of colored contact lenses! In the spirit of Halloween, we are allowing one lucky patient to select their design from clearcolor’s Phantom line by eyedia. These colored contact lenses are FDA-approved and can be worn for up to 3 months after opening. (Meaning, use them for Halloween, keep them clean with solution, and finally throw them away BEFORE the end of January!)

About eyedia's clearcolor

Eyedia<sup>®</sup> Fresh Daily

eyedia® clearcolor

  • eyedia® clearcolor brand contact lenses offer something for everyone; from subtle color enhancements to striking new looks.

  • Our lenses are manufactured with classic polymacon material which is still widely recognized for its strong, dependable performance across all environments.

  • Wearer benefits include optimum movement and handling, enhanced comfort and beautiful eyes.


Special Invert Padding (SIP)

The pigments we use in our lenses are FDA approved medical grade dyes. Our products are manufactured under strict compliance with KFDA and the US FDA regulations. Proprietary Special Invert Padding Tech

nology prevents surface protrusion on the lens, and keeps the eye safe from the colors. Our special design provides unparalleled user comfort, greater centration and premium optics. Worn as directed, Clearlab lenses provide a safe and exciting cosmetic lens experience.

Better Wearer Comfort

eyedia® clearcolor contact lenses employ a Multi Curve design with OZ, PC, FC, BC, and Bevel Curve for enhanced tear circulation and greater user comfort.

Eyedia Clearcolor samples