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Get to Know Dr. Wlodek!

I know you’ve been an optometrist for quite awhile. How did you first get into the field?

I’ve always been interested in optometry and although it sounds a little cliche, when I put on my first pair of glasses in the fourth grade and I could actually see detail, like the carpeting and the trees, I thought it’d be kind of cool to be able to do that for other people.

I understand you are from Pennsylvania and that you studied and practiced in Calgary. What drew you to the area?

Well, I really enjoy Calgary – it is a beautiful city. Canada is a great country but it is just a little bit too cold for my blood!

Can you describe your practice out there?

It was a corporate situation connected to an optical store. I worked for a really great doctor, Dr. Bishop, who I’m still friends with and it was just a very good environment to ‘cut my teeth’. There was a learning curve since I had just finished optometry school, so it was a good place to start learning on the job.

What made you choose Las Vegas as your next destination?

We were looking at different places in the country that we’d like to be. We checked out Nashville and Las Vegas. We went to Nashville and although it’s beautiful I think the pace was a little bit too laid-back for me. Las Vegas is a very vibrant city with a lot of good energy that we just felt a little bit more comfortable with. We felt we could succeed and grow there.

Could you briefly describe your Las Vegas office and the location you’re in?

We are at the Maryland Parkway and Silverado Ranch which is in the southwest part of the valley. It is a good location in that we have a lot of businesses around us.

How many offices do you have around your building?

We are a free-standing building with four offices. A dentist takes up two of them and the office next to me is currently available. We have two exam rooms, a pretest room, a contact lens room, a lab and then in the front area there is a waiting room.

Are there any aspects about being in Southern Las Vegas that really make your job easier?

I think the area that we draw from is a pretty young healthy group of people so we don’t have a lot of pathology and disease that I run into on a daily basis. I think that just being in Las Vegas, with a lot of sunny days, we put a lot of emphasis on sunglasses and UV protection. One of the downsides of Las Vegas is that it is pretty dry here and we have a lot of dry eye symptoms. Ocular surface disease is one thing we’ve run into on a daily basis.

What kind of eyewear do you find that people really look for?

People love Ray-ban and Oakley. We carry a lot of women’s lines like Nine West and Juicy Couture, which tend to sell pretty well. People prefer the more mid-level affordable stuff. Most of my patients are below 50 so their disposable income has helped us with their insurance and they can obviously afford more.

Where do you think the practice is heading in the next few years?

I would like to see the business expand to become a little bit more all-encompassing, especially in the areas of specialty contact lenses and dry eye syndrome. In the specialty contact lens area, I would like to focus on scleral contact lenses, hybrid lenses and orthokeratology to help people with conditions such as keratoconus and astigmatism. At the same time, our meat and potatoes are basic eye exams and selling glasses and contacts.


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