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Presbyopia Workshop – February 15th

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From the wide array of eyewear options for those who suffer from presbyopia AND myopia ( or also known as farsightedness and nearsightedness),  people often get mixed messages from various optometry practices as to what are their options. You may have heard some of these recommendations before, such as:

  • “You need multiple pairs of glasses to make your day comfortable. I'm going to recommend that you invest in the following - reading glasses, progressive glasses, prescription sunglasses, and a standard pair with a light prescription.”
  • “I think you need trifocals because that will get you all the things needed in one simple pair. Don't worry you'll get used to them.”
  • “These progressive lenses are by far the most advanced lenses you can find. Other practices don't provide nearly the same quality.”

For some people, these suggestions are what they needed to hear. However, some people aren't able to afford multiple pairs of glasses or high-end lenses. Some can adjust to wearing trifocal lenses and find them to be fantastic. Others find them to be complicated & dizzying. Plus, if you're someone who relies on a single pair, you may face costly repairs if you're prone to dropping or breaking glasses.

So the question then becomes - Are multifocal contacts any better? At our Presbyopia Workshop, our goal is to educate you as to why multifocal contacts cater to those of us who are over 40 who:

  • May have a limited budget
  • Don't want to wear glasses
  • Want a standard pair of polarized, fashionable sunglasses
  • Enjoy wearing contact lenses
  • Hoping to find a solution that's easy to replace and is non-committal.

The various brands of multifocal and how they provide unique solutions will be covered in our workshop. We ask you to please RSVP to the workshop. In order to gain a better understanding of what presbyopia is, whether you're the person who should invest in progressive glasses and high-quality lenses, or whether you'd be more suitable for multifocal contacts, will make your decision an informed one.

Contact our office today to find out more about our Presbyopia Workshop at Optical Effects Vision Center -  serving Las Vegas Nevada with the latest in contact lens care.