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Optical Effects Vision Center—Our Family Friendly Eye Care Clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada

We truly care about the health of your eyes, and offer local vision care to all your family members as if they were our own family. Optical Effects Vision Center stocks Designer Eye Frames and Sunglasses, Contact lenses, and we offer Eye exams, Emergency Treatment as well as the Management of Ocular Diseases.

Providing professional vision care with courtesy, respect, and fairness, with an emphasis on preventative care, we strive to exceed your expectations in service and value to ensure long-term relationships with our patients.

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From the eye exam to fitting regular eyewear, computer glasses or speciality glasses we love it and we do it. As well as Cataracts, Glaucoma, Macular degeneration

Are you fashion-forward? We have the latest designer sunwear with or without prescription lenses. Or are you a sports fanatic—try our specialty sportswear and add an anti-reflective coating

Our Las Vegas eye exams are thorough for a reason, we want to help you be proactive with your eye health and suit your individual needs.


Our Las Vegas optician handpicks each of the frames we carry – we want you to get the best value for your money and the uniqueness everyone deserves.

Meet Dr. Wlodek Your Las Vegas Eye Care Specialist

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We Couldn't Have Said it Better Ourselves
Have to say, hands down the very best optometrist I have ever been to. The front of the house was upscale, clean with top of the line brands and all the latest technology and style eyewear. The back of the house was clean, comfortable, and also up to date equipment that is well maintained. The staff in the front where on top of there game with digital new patient paper work available, text messaging appointment/reminders, and very helpful when it came to picking the right lenses/frames. Finally Rupert is hands down the the best optometrist I have ever had. He walked me through all the normal test, then went above and beyond. By making sure he diagnosed my vision correctly. He administered test that no other optometrist had taken the time to preform before. 32 years of being near sited and no optometrist before had told me I had a stigmatism nor did they diagnose me correctly I had been wearing a prescription of +1.25 forever but today I found that a different prescription actually improved my vision 100 fold. He took time to answer questions I had about contacts that I have never been able to wear comfortably. He spotted irrigation in my left eye and gave me eye drops. I tell you if u had your run of the mill 30 minute basic eye exam your entire life, you need to go here. Their basic eye exam will change the way you see optometry and the world!
- William M.

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